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LR Contracting Inc. Aerial Measurements (Drone) Features and Benefits

LR Contracting Inc. Aerial Measurements (Drone) Features and Benefits

Did you know we now offer FREE aerial measurements & drone roofing inspections? Here are some of the important reasons we're utilizing drone technology on all of our job sites- 1. We use state-of-the-art technology. Now utilizing our drones for roofing measurements and other simple tasks have eliminated human error. When we pair our new drones with special imaging equipment (IRR infrared cameras), our drones can then also detect damage that would be difficult to see with the human eye. 2. Recently, we've purchased additional batteries & accessories so our drones will last 4x times as long in the field. Now our inspectors have another pair of eyes onsite during Hail Damage Assessments. Our DJI drones can easily zoom-in and reach hard to access areas of any commercial roof, gutters, or siding, so any & all structural or cosmetic damage will be properly and permanently documented. 3. We now have (2) drones, so we can perform multiple inspections at the same time. (Very helpful on large multi-family & residential properties.) Our drone footage provides a digital record of the state of your property at the time of the inspection & will be kept on file. Our drones can also be used to document before & after repairs which could be very valuable in the event of a home sale. 4. Our drones provide high-quality 4k photos from numerous angles which can then be used to fully prove the exact extent of your damage to the insurance company. In an insurance case, the insured bears the "burden of proof". The insured has to prove that the claim falls under the insurance policy. Between our drone technology & trained hail damage claims specialists, LR Contracting specializes in digital analysis to inspect & utilize captured drone footage as irrefutable evidence, which usually translates into more claim money for the homeowner by clearly reviewing all aspects of your damage. 5. Even on high-pitched or wet roofs, a thorough & complete inspection can still be conducted without the need to reschedule because of the risk to our inspectors. Safety is number one in everything we do. Equipping our certified inspectors with state-of-the-art drone technology now means our roof inspections are safer for both the property owner & our staff. 6. Most property inspections can be upwards of $500.00! We now offer this service for FREE using top-of-the-line drones & certified pilots – the LR Difference™. This is now all offered FREE to our clients. LR Contracting Inc. is on your side! We square up to fight for our families & communities using every avenue or tool available to get your Storm Damage claim paid out fairly by the insurance company- at no cost to you! (888) 678 - HAIL
"The Rise of LR" -LR Contracting Inc.'s Formula for Success in Commercial Roofing & Hail Loss Claims

"The Rise of LR" -LR Contracting Inc.'s Formula for Success in Commercial Roofing & Hail Loss Claims

“I would say like any successful company, our focus is on our clientele, our focus is on quality. One of the things that I think that has made us special is that we’re able to turn denials into success for our clients and that is something that I think separates us and makes us unique. “Setting the standards since 1995™” is just another way of saying the same thing.” “The first office was at my house- a 10 x 10 bedroom that eventually had myself, Nicole, and Natalia working out of it. Now we have office personnel that’s been with this firm for almost 10 years. I have salespeople been with this firm for 8 or 9 years. We like to collect quality people, treat them as well as we possibly can, and train the bejeezus out of them.” “We take a holistic approach to looking at the claims process and the restructuring process. I was looking at the file last night, and I noted that the insurance company had offered X number of dollars for a particular trade to somebody who didn’t really have much experience in the insurance business. If we wouldn’t have been there, potentially they would’ve just taken what was offered to them by the carrier and looking at the file over the last nine months we’ve had the carrier increase that dollar value for that particular trade five times… that tells me that people out there need what we have. What we do is hold the insurance companies’ feet to the fire. We make them pay exactly what they’re supposed to pay, no more no less- EXACTLY what they’re supposed to pay.” “Obviously we started in Denver (primarily), and we would travel a little bit from Colorado Springs and into Fort Collins, but in the last few years, we’ve begun to focus outside of the state. We were requested by some of our local ownership groups to go out and take care of properties in other states… for them, we were very successful in those attempts and decided we would start expanding close to the state so that we could keep a tight focus on everything that we did. We’ve opened up to Utah to Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, a little bit in Oklahoma, and we’ve just recently entered the Texas market. I should not leave out Iowa as well.” “Communication is absolutely paramount in our industry. I think a lot of companies that have grown to the size we have, and on the national stage, have lost sight of what’s really important. They are concentrating on how many projects they complete every year, we want to concentrate on developing relationships with real estate investment trusts, homeowners associations, property management companies, asset ownership, and management companies… We want to build these relationships that are going to last years & years to come. We want you to have someone that you can trust when a storm hits your property.” “I think LR is a special brand, it’s the “LR Difference™” and it’s about the way we handle customers, the way we interact with our own people, and the way that we prosecute cases. Our job is to make customers whole, and that isn’t a quick-easy settlement that the insurance company gets to save a bunch of money because they overlook paint, or they overlook other sideline damage to your house. Be at your fence, your porch, your patio much less you’re roof. What was your house before the storm hits? and what’s it going to look like when we’re done? It’s going to look brand new by the time we’re done. Our people are going to be there every day a sub (contractor) is there. We’re going to deal with your insurance ourselves. We’re going to hire the best professionals be it billing or Pas… It’s a special thing, we go the extra mile, and ownership is involved every step of the way from start to finish.” “Here at all LR we make sure that the stress of handling the money is completely off the customer. Most insurance companies will include a customer’s mortgage company on their insurance payout for whatever repairs they are doing whether it be the roof, the siding, the windows... if there’s a mortgage company on there, the insurance company is going to include it. We don’t want you to deal with that. It’s not your job to have to make sure your house is covered any fully paid for. That’s our job, and we’ll take care of that.” “We’re always growing, look you’re either going to grow or you’re going to shrink- nothing stays the same. The only constant in life is change. We would like our change to be in a positive fashion and it starts right here at home. Let’s be the best.”
Westcove Townhome Association

Westcove Townhome Association

Film created by Able Studios for LR Contracting Inc. Our initial Claim for HAIL and WIND Damage here at Westcove Townhome Association was denied through our insurance company and the local merchant. We were in turn referred to Scott and his team at LR Contracting Inc. and they managed to get the entire claim approved. It has been a wonderful experience right from the very beginning. This has been the largest single project that we have had here, and it is going to have more of an impact on all of the homeowners and anything that we've ever done in the past. Having new roofs- new gutter system has been huge for us, and it was something that quite frankly we weren’t completely financially prepared to be able to absorb all of the costs associated with it. So having this insurance settlement come through, having the backing behind LR Contracting Inc., having them help us navigate through the process has been huge! I have a lot of vendors to come into this community and I have never once had homeowners come up to me and thank me or comment on the professionalism, the timeliness, and the quality of work that these guys are doing. That's extremely rare to have that kind of feedback from homeowners, to me it says it all- It was an extremely low risk, high reward proposal that they were laying in front of us, and it was simply something that we didn't feel as though we could pass up. LR Contracting Inc. came through with everything that they said that they would. They delivered on every promise that they made, and we've been extremely happy with the process. So why call someone else? If you need help handling, negotiating, or determining if you are covered for a Hail Damages related insurance claim, work with LR Contracting Inc. and see what we mean when we say, “Experience the LR Difference! ™”. LR Contracting Inc. 2537 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 Corporate Headquarters: 720-323-3366 Roofing and Automotive: 888-678-HAIL www.LRContracting.com Email: Office@LRGotHail.com Fax: 720-920-2012 "Experience the LR Difference!" Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Weekends by appointment only.
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Tapestry Flats

"They were referred to LR Contracting Inc. by another HOA client. Tapestry Flats requested that we perform a 20-minute, non-evasive inspection of the complex."

The following is an actual case study of the Tapestry Flats homeowner’s association conducted by LR Contracting Inc. June 24th, 2015.

Severe HAILSTORMS moved through the east side of Denver.

Tapestry Flats is an upscale condominium complex located in the Lowry area of Denver. It is made up of eight-2- story pitched roof buildings, and an equal number of detached garages. They were referred to LR Contracting Inc. by another HOA client. Tapestry Flats requested that we perform a 20-minute, non-evasive inspection of the complex.

Upon completion, we found a significant amount of undisputable damage. Over three dozen damaged windows, roofing, gutters, paint, screens, garage doors, and more. One of the other advantages is that the association deals with one person from start to finish. He attends all the board meetings, communicates with the billing department during the negotiating process, and coordinates with the building managers during the build out- one person start to finish.

A large repair crew was mobilized to fix the pressing immediate damage, another example of the LR Difference™ always there and always available.

Our office went to work behind the scenes touching every aspect of the project- billing, invoicing licensing, permits, and coordinating- All components & responsibilities. The work that is rarely observed but critical to the overall success of the project. The odds are stacked against the property owners, even with undisputed damage like what was founded at Tapestry Flats.

Insurance companies save MILLIONS by cutting corners on claims as part of their playbook. Professional representation is CRITICAL for the successful outcome of any claim. Tapestry Flats HOA now enjoys a completely new upgraded roof-
• Over 35 upgraded windows installed to the manufacturer specifications.
• More than 70 new screens and new paint,
• there were over 800 feet of downspouts,
• 8-flatbed trucks and material,
• 11,000 feet of paint,
• over 850 squares of roofing, and
• 15,000 feet of metal including 150 power attic fan covers.

LR handled it all with ease and Tapestry Flats HOA has been returned to pre-peril condition. Schedule a 20- minute inspection today and Experience the LR Difference™!

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