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Commercial Roofing Services

This is a short video which documents a commercial property we completed in Littleton, Co. This project consisted of 21 apartment buildings and a clubhouse. In total we installed

- 1000 squares of roofing,

- approximately 5465 linear feet of gutter and downspout, and

- 264 gallons of paint.

Daily we had up to 42 installers working on all trades. We finish this project in 30 days.


LR Contracting Inc. believes that the safety of our installers and supervisors comes first. We constantly monitor our installers to ensure that they are using safe installation procedures and practices. This is done with proper harnesses and ropes, as well as safety vests and hard hats.


BUT it doesn't stop there. We are a Premiere Full-Service Storm Damage Restoration company, veteran insurance Claim Specialist, roofing contractor, & general contractor company.


Our attention is also focused at ground-level of the buildings- residents. We ensure that materials on rooftops are properly secured, and working areas on the ground are properly marked and roped off. We drape tarps over resident’s patios to keep them clean and protect their personal items. We also have supervisors on the ground to monitor foot traffic to and from the buildings while construction is going on above.


Safety isn't just about protecting installers- it's all about protecting the buildings, the residents, and their personal. Items loading, new materials, and removal of construction debris can be complicated tasks. On any project, and this was no exception.


It began with detailed scheduling with the property management team, communication of the daily schedules to the residents, and then loading and unloading the materials. Sounds simple enough… but it wasn't.


Like most multifamily apartment assets, the parking situation was a major challenge. The parking is adequate for the tenants and their visitors, but additional construction crew vehicles, dump trailers, and material loading vehicles can overload the parking lots.


Each night the tenants had their spots back, and each day they made those spots available for the construction process. When we loaded the roofs, large booms were employed to reach around and over existing trees and landscaping. Some buildings were too far away from the access streets and required the materials to be hand carried to the buildings, and hand loaded from the ground.


No problem there.


Later dump trailers were brought out to the sides of buildings to assist in trash removal. These required layers of plywood to be set over the lawns and concrete to provide protection for both. When the trailers and plywood production were removed, you couldn't tell that anything was ever there loading and unloading the materials and trash. May be difficult problems for some, but with proper planning, communication, and protection it doesn't have to be.


We have a single point of contact for all residents and management who can be reached at any time of day. We also have multiple supervisors on site during work hours, and they are empowered to resolve any problems or concerns that come up. Our clients and their tenants know that we respect their concerns and appreciate that we address them immediately. At LR Contracting Inc. we take great pride in our work and feel that our numerous client and tenant reviews are the best judgment of our success.


Give us a try and see for yourself what we mean when we say, “Experience the LR Difference!™”


LR Contracting Inc.

2537 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80210

Corporate Headquarters: 720-323-3366

Roofing and Automotive: 888-678-HAIL

Email: Office@LRGotHail.com

Fax: 720-920-2012

"Experience the LR Difference!"

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Weekends by appointment only.

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