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Testimonials- Stone Creek

This is an introduction to one of our commercial projects in Fort Collins. This project consisted of 14 apartment buildings and 3 outer-buildings. In total we installed,

- 990 squares of roofing,

- 248 windows,

- 4,464 lineal feet of trim,

- 3,275 lineal feet of gutter & downspout, and

- 890 gallons of paint. Daily we had up to 30 installers working on all trades, and we finished this project in 35 days. Rather than focus on the technical aspects of the project, or the hard work that went into getting this claim settled, we'd rather take a moment to read some reviews from the tenants, maintenance technicians, and property managers that live and work at the complex.


“Look no further! Lance Roberts and his team are amazing! This team provided exceptional service. They worked on my roof, window replacement, painting, and clean up, etc. They worked very closely with our maintenance team and kept us in the loop on all work being completed on a daily basis. They were very unobtrusive and quiet; efficient, clean, quick, thorough, and committed. Thanks to your team I would never even consider another contractor to get the job done! You will not regret them!”

-Kristi K, Tennent


“My experience with LR Contracting Inc. was awesome! They have been meticulously clean, very respectful of tenants, and quickly address any concerns we had. Work is done ahead of schedule, all work has been well done, and I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone.”

-Derrick H, Tennent


“LR Contacting did an exceptional job with the multiple projects that the property required. Lance and Jake communicated with management daily to ensure proper notice was given to our residents, and to update us where each building was in the process. They completed all projects ahead of the projected schedule. LR Contacting was great to work with and I would highly recommend them!”

-Patty S, Leasing Specialist


“I would like to thank you for hiring a well-organized team to do the work. Lance Roberts and his crew have been wonderful! Starting on time & staying until dark, while accommodating 500 residents, a crew of many men and trade skills, and logistics that followed. As someone who's worked in various trades, I can say with certainty that Lance is running a well-oiled machine.”

-Dan M, Tennent


“As property manager of a 150+ unit apartment complex, a project to remove & replace every window, replace all gutters, and repaint the exteriors for all 14 buildings- initially sounded like a nightmare! Luckily, we were able to work with LR Contracting Inc. who took this potential nightmare, and turned it into a painless and completely manageable process. By the end of the project, we actually had along with staff stop in the office to complement LR Contracting. When a rare complaint arose from a resident, Lance and Jake worked directly with the resident to resolve the issue immediately. We are grateful for the care LR Contracting showed on our community enhancement project, and are blown away by the results!”

-Katrina L, Community Manager


“I've been in the construction industry years, and I must tell you that Lance & all the tradesmen that he had working for him did a tremendous job! Their workmanship was above par, neat, & clean, and they also kept the site well-organized. I can say without a doubt this was the best remodeling work that I have seen.”

-Larry B, Construction Maintenance Project Manager


A project of this scope & size can be challenging! -In the best of circumstances, and the success of the project goes beyond just the quality of installation; it also includes other factors like: - timeliness, - communication, - problem solving, and - cleanliness- to name a few. At LR Contracting Inc. we take great pride in our work and feel that our customer reviews are the best judgment of our success. Give us a try and see for yourself what we mean when we say, “Experienced the LR difference!™”


LR Contracting Inc.

2537 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80210

Corporate Headquarters: 720-323-3366

Roofing and Automotive: 888-678-HAIL

Email: Office@LRGotHail.com

Fax: 720-920-2012

"Experience the LR Difference!"

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Weekends by appointment only.

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