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Tapestry Flats

The following is an actual case study of the Tapestry Flats homeowner’s association conducted by LR Contracting Inc. June 24th, 2015.


Severe HAILSTORMS moved through the east side of Denver. Tapestry Flats is an upscale condominium complex located in the Lowry area of Denver.


It is made up of eight-2- story pitched roof buildings, and an equal number of detached garages. They were referred to LR Contracting Inc. by another HOA client. Tapestry Flats requested that we perform a 20-minute, non-evasive inspection of the complex.


Upon completion, we found a significant amount of undisputable damage. Over three dozen damaged windows, roofing, gutters, paint, screens, garage doors, and more. One of the other advantages is that the association deals with one person from start to finish. He attends all the board meetings, communicates with the billing department during the negotiating process, and coordinates with the building managers during the build out- one person start to finish.


A large repair crew was mobilized to fix the pressing immediate damage, another example of the LR Difference™ always there and always available.


Our office went to work behind the scenes touching every aspect of the project- billing, invoicing licensing, permits, and coordinating- All components & responsibilities. The work that is rarely observed but critical to the overall success of the project. The odds are stacked against the property owners, even with undisputed damage like what was founded at Tapestry Flats.


Insurance companies save MILLIONS by cutting corners on claims as part of their playbook. Professional representation is CRITICAL for the successful outcome of any claim. Tapestry Flats HOA now enjoys a completely new upgraded roof-

• Over 35 upgraded windows installed to the manufacturer specifications.

• More than 70 new screens and new paint,

• there were over 800 feet of downspouts,

• 8-flatbed trucks and material,

• 11,000 feet of paint,

• over 850 squares of roofing, and

• 15,000 feet of metal including 150 power attic fan covers.


LR handled it all with ease and Tapestry Flats HOA has been returned to pre-peril condition. Schedule a 20- minute inspection today and Experience the LR Difference™!


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